Dr.Kuma Iddamallena’s Time MAP Will Help You Become an Outstanding Leader.

Have you ever wondered why some are so efficient with Time while you cannot accomplish even one-tenth of the same quantum of work, further they are more relaxed and healthier at the end of the day than you? The reason is simple. Effective TIME MANAGEMENT! …Yes, and more than that. It is the secret of Space Management and Results Management. You too could master the technique by following the Time MAP, the Ultimate method to come out with your best using little effort and time. The time MAP is just a basic set of tools employing a Time Management matrix that enhances your Productivity to a very high level while staying cool without exhaustion. After all, you must be satisfied with yourself and your finished work. Mustn’t you …..? Guess what! Time MAP enables you to accomplish your tasks in double quick time. YES! 48 hours work in a day! The technique simply connects you with your brain clock, curing stress and fatigue. With its relaxation techniques and body-mind fitness formula, you can experience a total transformation of your life with this exciting and invigorating program. Learning the greatest technique of Managing Time and Space, Gaining Ultimate Creativity to be rich as fast as you want, Mastering Alpha Mechanism of the subconscious mind to have Ultimate Peace of Mind, Relaxation and Happiness are some of the key benefits you can get by attending Time MAP. “We can now coach extremely busy people how to create a balance between work life and personal life, while also being productive & efficient in everything they do. We can also teach them how to reach targets and achieve goals daily, weekly, monthly, annually and periodically”, creator of Time MAP Dr Kuma Iddamallena said. We have conducted Time MAP Program successfully over 22 years for private & public sector organizations. Thousands of participants have immensely benefited by practising the Time MAP tools. It is not a mere lecture. Time MAP includes a number of Brain Programming Techniques. Mind Muscle Vibration Therapy (MMVT), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) are some of the models Dr.Kuma uses. These are extremely powerful to change someone’s time behaviour spontaneously & show results in every aspect of life, profession, business or whatever you do. Time MAP techniques are simple and easy to follow. We have always received 100% positive feedback from the participants at every program throughout the last 22 years.