Reach the next level in your life coaching

Dr Kuma’s coaching style empowers you to discover the unconscious barriers that are preventing you from achieving your goals – and break them – through taking action.

When Self-help, meditation and therapy did not work for you many people seek the help in life coaching secessions of Dr KUma to overcome the anxiety, depression and nostalgia that prevail in their lives. Your opportunity to have huge breakthroughs in your mindsets, careers, relationships, health and finances start here with Dr Kuma.

His life coaching strategy session / personal one on one coaching to motivate yourself or your team and strategized your future.


As a Personal Coach/Counselor

His quintessential coaching methods will help you to create a life-work balance and reach your targets in an efficient manner.


Coach for the corporate sector

An executive coach will help you to develop your career and make the most of opportunities, whilst also bearing in mind your long-term goals.

Coaching Secession for the corporate sector

As a coach for the corporate sector, Dr Kuma’s methods can bring a fresh perspective and valuable experience to your business, offering subtle solutions for your most difficult challenges. Business coaching can also help you to take time out from ‘working in’ your business and instead focus on ‘working on it’.

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