Become an Extra Ordinary Leader

True Leaders are Born not Made…….Wisdom Trainer International’s ultimate objective is to identify the born leaders in the society and enhance their hidden skills in order to serve the country. Stemming from the in-depth research conducted by Dr Kuma Iddamallena, it is evident that there are seven steps to becoming an Extra Ordinary Leader. Dr Kuma Iddamallena, renowned Personality Training Specialist, who is also the pioneer in introducing Personality Training Field in Sri Lanka, has developed a very unique series of programs to help you achieve the right results in life, and progress rapidly in your career path. His programs titled – Gain Mastery in “On Stage Presentation Confidence”, “Brush up English Intensive” & WEST plus WISDOM Ultimate Life Mastery are some of the programs designed by him to train executives, junior & senior managers, directors & anybody interested helping them to improve their Public Speaking & Presentation Skills & Develop their personality while also gaining extraordinary leadership skills. If you are looking to be a Great Leader, this is by far the greatest program ever created in this field by the Pioneer Personality Training Specialist, Dr Kuma Iddamallena.