“Nurturing you to push forward to have greater success is only possible when
you decide to change your nature.

Kuma Iddamallena – Leadership & personality training specialist

If you are in a blank mind in finding the right solutions to troubleshoot a
problem related to your business, or in a fear of venturing a new business, or
want to increase the profit of your current business, Dr Kuma’s life-changing
methods will be the most subtle solutions which guide you to reach the summit of
your business. Whatever your problem is we assist you to resolve it while
opening more new opportunities for you to select.

Business improvement consultancy

Being internationally acclaimed trainer and motivational speakers, Dr Kuma
Iddamallena has a dynamic personality.

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Premier Master Trainer

As a premier master trainer, coach, and keynote speaker Dr Kuma Iddamallena won
the heart of millions.

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Leadership & Life coaching

Fulfilment in life takes a multitude of different elements to come together.
Work with Dr Kuma Iddamallena to discover all

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“Your personality is the best certificate to pass all tests in life.”

ජීවිතේ සියලු පරීක්ෂණ සමත්වීමට හොඳම සහතිකය ඔබගේ පෞරුෂත්වයයි.”

Get to know
Dr. Kuma Iddamallena

Dr Kuma Iddamallena is an experienced & qualified trainer, coach and
consultant who harmonizes two distinct disciplines of successful living and
creates programs with a fusion of both eastern and western training methods
making him the ideal choice for international audiences.

who introduced personality training, positive thinking and English speech
workshop and camp training model in Sri Lanka


Programs conducted

3 Million+

People educated


Regular clients

33 Years

Industry Experience

news & events

16th March

Sales Magic


16th & 17th March

Sales Heroes



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Exam Secrets 1 & 2

Exam secret 1 & 2 books comply with the advanced techniques on how to
memorise anything that you want to remember and to retrieve later on.

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